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Bitumen  innovation technology


Refrasud Srl Bitumen Innovation Technology is a company which specializes in the production and distribution of innovative products and solutions aimed at a particular market in which we are one of the leading competitors, the road sector.

Refrasud Srl has built up its know-how based on key concepts such as innovation and has transformed the knowledge obtained during more than ten years of professional activity into a strategic resource: CARBO LONG WORKING additive.


Refrasud Srl provides a  different  approach to its sales, surrounding every product with a package of distinctive services, such as experience, professionalism, kindness, convenience, security, supply availability, speed of delivery, company organization, technical consulting, and post-sales assistance, By putting all these qualities together Refrasud Srl offers an expanded product.

Apart  from product quality and service effectiveness, the real additional benefit of Refrasud Srl is together, these components make the company capable of anticipating and satisfying the different enquiries and market demand, in compliance with current quality, environment and security standards .


Refrasud Srl intends to continue pursuing the company`s policy of supporting and promoting its own products/services (laboratory studies; ongoing improvement of products and product processes; respect of the current security standards; customer satisfaction), all of which have a positive affect on the Brand, and to strengthen its positioning in the local area, nationwide and abroad.


The secret of its innovation and success is the particular care that Refrasud Srl pays to research, continuously testing out own antioxidant additive in order to determine and accept not only the influence of bitumen`s performance and bituminous conglomerates but also the reduction conglomerate, respecting environmental and security standards.


Thanks to its successful ability to find innovative solutions, Refrasud Srl present the market with a wide range of products.

List of products:

  • COLD BITUM Cold Asphalt
  • CARBOBLOCK Block Additive
  • CARBOMAST Granular Additive