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MIRODUR started producing paint in 1957 in a small factory in ROME, specializing since the beginning in mirror paint and meeting the consumers , consensus straight away . after a few years , it therefore had to expand its structure. The MIRODUR plant was then constructed in POMEZIA and here the company started producing a wider assortment of paint until it successfully decided to specialize in producing producing paints for the Metal – mechanic industry, which was living a real economic boom in those years . A paint users main objective is to present the best esthetical version of items, giving them the resistance required for their use while keeping costs low. Mirodurs duty is to make sure these objectives are reached. Mirodur provides its clientele with the experience and expertise of its technical and commercial staff. These consult the wide range of Mirodur products to advise customers on the best way of preparing the surface they have to paint, using the most adequate painting cycle according to the type of material that needs to de treated and choosing the best solution for the paints application ( immersion , spray with airless , electrostatic , rolling needle , roll or paint brush ) and the best drying process.