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RESPINAS SANAT. com . started on,18 jan 2001,registration No. 170447 , in Iran TEHRAN with Iranian %51 & Italian %49 Companies. After experience and expertise in various field now, RESPINA SANAT  is %100 Iranian company.

RESPINA SANAT Present to you expert services, technical advice & didactic, supply technical parts, such as instrumentation, mechanical, electromechanical & electronic which domestic industry needed. RESPINA SANAT present to you the competences,  with honor .

  1. Representative of B.M.P Italian .COM, Fast action industrial doors manufacturer.
  2. Representative of REFRASUD s.r.l. bitumen innovation technology .
  3. Representative of DIERRE The Italian style door.
  4. Representative of REFRACTORY Shapes Pvt,Ltd  Indian COM. Refractories production use in, Burner Blocks, Combustion Chambers, Other refractors for heaters, Primary/secondary Reformers, Transform lines, RG Boilers in Fertilizer Plants.
  5. Representative of SINARE Italian COM, European leader in the fields of building industry, medium & heavy hardware and shipyards. Innovative spraying technologies.
  6. Representative of MIRODUR Italian COM, Industrial coating & decorative in all fileds.
  7. Representative of WINDSOR Indian COM, On of the largest producer, refractory & (alumina) bullets, in the world  and exported to most countries all round the world ,USA, EUROP, CHINA, SOUTH AFRICA, EGYPT & KUWAIT , ATC.

RESPINA SANAT .COM, whit more than 15 years of technical experience in engineering business and major industries, including steel, oil & gas, mining , petrochemical & refineries, buildings & factories in the fields of safety, refractors, coating and industrial coatings & decorative, paint pumps & also has variety of industrial doors.